PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Tonight, on The 4400...

* Previously, on The 4400: Fred!
* Hmm, Doc Burkoff isn't looking too good... and Richard's working on his powers.
* Ooh, the teacher can focus the powers of adults now, too.
* "...But when I'm mad or excited I can do a lot more with it." -Richard
* "Bag him. We'll do the autopsy in the morning."
* Man. What else can Burkoff do?
* Yes, Diana, you should have told Tom.
* Tess, reading kids books. So, can she still compel people?
* Oops, Shawn healed a celebrity. (Nick Crowley?)
* "Any time you want to lay these hands on me, you just let me know..." -groupie
* Ah, more wedding crap.
* "I don't like what we're doing to her, what I'm doing to her..." -Tess
* Ah, so she can still compel.
* "I thought you deserved an ability." -Burkoff
* Stole the hard drives, nice. But did he, or someone else?
* "Please. I am so close to finishing." -Burkoff
* He's at... the Silver Diner? Heh.
* Steak, extremely rare.
* Ah, crazy abandoned theater.
* "My mind is not compromised." -Burkoff
* "Maybe they sent you back to keep me alive to finish my next album." -Crowley
* Heh, sedate Tess first, smart.
* Oops, adrenaline shot for her first too!
* "Maybe you're putting too much faith in the future." -Nina
* And, he's healed.
* Why would it be a problem if she runs out of meds? When she's running low, she can walk into, oh, and pharmacy and get them without asking.
* Do's and Don't's For Daddy
* 2 years stockpile of promicin! Ryland's been using her to farm it! Oh, snap!
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