PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Yesterday evening, there was a tenants' meeting for the apartment complex. This was apparently the second such meeting; people are gathering to compile a list of complaints about the building to present them to management. About twenty people showed, and like us, most were enthusiastic about getting things done. I bet we'll have even more next time.

(I actually went away from this meeting feeling a little better about our situation. We've never had mice, and we certainly dont' have any problem with pigeons.)

Thereafter, we swung down to Silver Spring for a party. Didn't know many people there, and was the oldest person there for a fair portion of the party. However, the few people I did know there did their best to get me introduced, and a bunch of the other people were very gregarious, so after some trouble, a good time was had. And an awesome bedtime was had, as well.

Today we picked up tze bebe and finalized a piece of M.'s wedding attire. I took a bit ill in the afternoon, and am still feeling a bit under the weather now. It isn't helping that's it's this hot in here.

Tonight, catching up on TV, plus 4400. Tomorrow, bebe dropoff in the morning, book club at night, maybe a matinee in between. Oh, and dealing with the apartment management.

Oh, and also, my copy of Rezolution came in the mail over the weekend. I'm liking the looks of it, a concise little cyberpunk minis game with some fantastic elements. I love me dark future urban combat, I do. Looks like they've put some work into the background as well. I might chat more about it here later.
Tags: 2006, gaming, not news

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