PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"The State Department agency in charge of reconstruction money in Iraq hid construction overruns by reclassifying them."

Republicans in Congress find a way to get money for the rich while raising the minimum wage. Nice work, guys.

Examining the environmental impact of the war in Lebanon.

* Who is to blame for the Israeli strike on the UN?
* Charles Wolfson says Rice has her work cut out for her.
* 'The Angel of Lebanon'
* The Iraqi bank system is falling apart.
* How about Bill Moyers for president?
* Is "moderate" a bad word, now?
* "In his new book, Conservatives Without Conscience, [John Dean] looks at Republican-controlled Washington and sees a bullying, manipulative, prejudiced leadership edging the nation toward a dark era."
* The Pentagon works to counteract roadside bombs.
* The science of aging: we're pretty different from our ancestors.
* The biggest thing in the universe. Literally.

"I have never heard the song 'Cousin Dupree' and I don't even know who this gentleman, Mr. Steely Dan, is. I hope this helps to clear things up and I can get back to concentrating on my new movie, 'HEY 19.'" -Owen Wilson

Building a better Lego robot.

An appreciation for Mako.

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