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"I'm much more concerned about the Iraqi speaker objecting to the presence of U.S. troops that is, most likely, preventing utter anarchy in that country. If the duly elected leaders don't want us there, that strengthens the case of those who say we should pick up our marbles and leave rather than sacrificing more Americans in this sectarian violence."
-Howard Kurtz

As the administration refuses to call for a cease fire, Hezbollah gains popularity in the Arab world.

Whoops! Virginia congressman Davis is linked to consultant.

* Dick Polman explains why Bush could be grateful for the news coverage of the Israel-Lebanon war.
* News analysis: undoing Rice's diplomatic efforts.
* Dana Milbank reads between the lines (and the falling water) at the Bolton hearings.
* The UN Human Rights Committee Committee is critical of the US. (Don't get me wrong, this administration is really screwing things up, but I think there's plenty of other countries out there much worse than us.)
* House Republicans plan recess hearings on immigration.
* The economy slows down as inflation speeds up.
* Legal residents to face fingerprinting at our ports.
* Poll says Britain should divorce itself from America.
* Maryland's Steele digs the hole deeper.
* Scientists may have found the enzyme switch that causes chronic pain.
* Uncovering, literally, the oldest known copy of the works of Archimedes.
* Huh. buys the film rights to a fantasy book.
* Fantasy novelist David Gemmell passed away.

Aquaman: the TV Show?

So. Why are movies so long these days?
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