PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

weekend wrapup

New pager. Alphanumeric. Big. Unpleasing. I like the life with simply the cellphone, but apparently that isn't enough for work.

First draft of first half of writing turned in on Saturday, waiting to hear back on necessary changes. It needs polishing, I freely admit, but I am pleased with the result of a write-a-thon. And just got the official go ahead for writing up the next piece. This one, instead of being a fantasy pseudo-Japan, is a fantasy pseudo-Las-Vegas-Morroco-with-gladiators-and-wizards which is going to be much more fun to write, to be honest.

Count of Monte Cristo is a fun flick, but not great. More costume drama than swordfighting action; nothing wrong with that, I just find the trailers and commercials to be slightly misleading. I mean, a Dumas movie where they have Michael Wincott, but he doesn't wield a sword once? Also, I believe James Caviezel would make a great Superman.

(In related news, Oscar nominations are to be released tomorrow, so color me curious.)

The party Saturday was an unbridled success, though my leg still hurts from some unknown injury. Almost as embarrassing as the fact that I apparently don't remember the last hour or so of the party. And with one barcrawl this week and another birthday party this coming weekend, my liver isn't going to get much recovery time.

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