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"Though the wave has subsided somewhat, the aftereffects of the Asian ghost boom are still being felt. Once confined to big-city video stores, original Asian horror titles have begun to infect even the most remote suburban chains... And more generally, the Asian horror boom has opened America to a provocative new generation of talented foreign directors who might otherwise have languished in art houses or on video."

New Trailers:
* The Prestige - Wowzah! Looks fantastic. And David Bowie makes everything better. Can't wait.
* Children of Men - Whoah. Didn't hear about this one at all. But I love dystopian futures, and they've got a really nice look going on. Plus, Alfonso Cuaron. Signed up.
* The Pursuit of Happyness - Dude, they totally spelled it wrong. Will Smith does good with the drama, so we'll see.
* The Fountain - Darren Aronofsky, three millenia, and the Fountain of Youth. Ooo-kay.
* The Reaping - I liked this movie a lot when it was called Exorcist 2. I like plagues as much as the next guy, but oh, I don't know.

The 2wenty*:
* Bring It On: All or Nothing - I understand it's direct to DVD, but y'know, I didn't think it needed a #3.
* Open Season - Animation looks terrible, but the cast looks interesting. Would be forgettable if it wasn't for Billy Connolly as the voice of a, uh, Scottish squirrel clan leader.

* - It's actually not called the 2wenty anymore, it's like the Regal Firstlook or something. But it'll always be the 2wenty to me.
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