PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on The 4400...

* Previously: hey, Kyle!
* "It's OK, Uncle Patrick's here."
* Hee, cookie bouquet.
* Hee hee, evil cookie bouquet.
* 'Blink,' similar to promicin. Hmmm.
* Whoah, Brian Dennehy!
* "We have to get married." -Isabelle
* All seeing people from their past, specifically? Linked to Alana?

Tom: You were engaged?
Diana: Why does everybody have such a hard time believing that?

* Tonight, on annoying angst theater...
* Therapy? Huh. The future's weird.
* "...Because I think you're the only one that can stop me." -Isabelle
* Oh, delivery guy.
* No chemistry with Marco? Sniff.
* "I just wanted to share the enlightenment."
* Heh, sent it as a thank-you.
* "We gotta find another way to stop her." -Shawn
* Damnit! "Happy now?"
* Aw, inviting his dad back in, sweet.

Yeah, not the strongest episode this season, but hey.
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