PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"The House of Representatives could not have been any more obvious if the sergeant-at-arms had wheeled an equine carcass into the well and the speaker had pummeled it with his gavel."
-Dana Milbank

I heard it on NPR: why we need to be paying attention to Somalia before it's too late.

"Ghetto tax": report shows how hidden costs paid by the urban poor can really add up.

* The Middle East in crisis: The question of the day, is the Israeli response proportional? Is 'wait and see' an actual policy? Left behind in Beruit, and the difficulties of getting around. The conservative backlash grows over Bush's lack of foreign policy leadership.
* Meanwhile, last month was especially bloody for civilians in Iraq.
* Ariana Huffington wonders where the neocons have all gone.
* The Republicans and the stem cell gambit.
* "It did not take an awkwardly open microphone to display the huge gap between the summit meeting's communiques and political reality."
* No more lap dances for PG county.
* Whew. Ralph Reed lost his primary in Georgia.
* Concern after internet gambling executive is arrested by the federal government.
* Disney cuts 650 jobs worldwide as they revamp and downsize their movie division.
* CBS to put advertising... on eggs.

Hey, it's the artist who draws the Google logos!

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