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Andrew Cohen wonders if the prisoners in Guantanamo are really 'the worst of the worst.'

"Suspicion of foreigners, fears over terrorism, suspects held without charge - an Elizabethan episode has useful lessons for today's times."

"...The Israelis are beginning to understand just how much they didn't know they didn't know (to paraphrase Don Rumsfeld) about Hamas and Hezbollah." (Courtesy professorbooty.)

"I would say the big difference between this crisis and similar past episodes is how completely off balance the Israelis seem to be – lurching from reaction to reaction without any clear plan or strategy." (Also courtesy professorbooty.)

Dan Froomkin on Bush's latest profanity and other top news.

The Post editorial board doesn't see any compromise on domestic surveillance.

Jonathan Chait on Bush's lack of intellectual curiousity.

And the Post has kicked off its series about 9/11, five years later.
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