PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

OK, so, The 4400.

I'm positively in love with this season so far. I haven't seen any show handle the 'war on terror' angle as smoothly, and they're only doing more. Tonight's episode: someone brought in for questioning in connection with inadvertently funding a terrorist. Plus, NSA following up on watchlists. Ting! Add on top of that the shady contracting company taking over government functions. Good times. Just wish they hadn't waited until the third season to bring most of this in?

Now, for Sunday's episode...

* Previously, on The 4400: a BBQ, and that chick from back when!
* The last known Nova, hmmm.
* Man, Isabelle doesn't take 'no' well. At all.
* Vicky!
* NSA has a list, interesting.
* Ah, Ryland.
* Oh, Isabelle.
* "I need you to talk to Shawn. Tell him he can't break up with me. Tell him it's a mistake." -Isabelle
* Shawn as a necessary humanizing element for Isabelle, hmmm.
* Oh, Alana did it, hey. "All Gary did was fight back." (Man, I love the convincing explanation.)
* Have you met my girlfriend, the Walking Apocalypse?
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