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"In the Lebanon crisis we have a terrifying glimpse of the future: Iran and its radical allies are pushing toward war." Time discusses the competing agendas at work in the Middle East.

Good read: E.J. Dionne Jr. on the complete failure of the administration's real agenda for Iraq.

The peril of flying solo in a globalized world.

* "Polls show that a majority of Americans believe President Bush and his associates intentionally misled the public in making their case for war. It's a terribly serious charge, if true. In fact, it's hard to imagine a more serious charge against a president. But is it true?"
* Maybe our illustrious president could have used a better example...
* Missouri can't find a doctor to oversee an execution.
* The top ten contested races for governor this fall.
* Five persistent medical mysteries.
* Meerkat young taught by adults.
* Courtesy asimplelife: lost Mayan ruins uncovered - by NASA.
* Hunting the mythical ninki-nanka in Gambia.
* TV news continues to struggle.
* The aging of the record store.
* "WholesomeWear's full-body bathing suit swallows a woman's form in a cocoon of nylon." names its 50 favorite sidekicks of all time.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker spice up the TV Press Tour.

Saddest thing ever: Sesame Street DVD explains to kids why a parent has to leave for an overseas deployment with the military.
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