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The aforementioned good news:
After hearing about this terrible no packages idea, I contacted the head office for the company that runs the apartment complex. Yep, the same guy I've been bugging about our back rent issue. I explained what they had posted, and he explained that was the first he heard of that, and he completely agreed with me that it didn't make sense, considering how small our mailboxes are. So he promised to contact the people down here to sort out some way for it to work. After which, I called him and them a couple times a day, mostly leaving messages and playing telephone tag and making a nuisance of myself until, yes, they explained they were reversing the policy. I don't mean to brag, but I rule.

And this 'annoy people until they do what you want' theory panned out well, so I'm going to try using it to get this back rent problem fixed. It's been going on long enough.

So, yeah.

Last night was Game Night at the house of jasmydae and dreamerdevie. Learned Elixir, which was cute and keen, and then played some Zombies!, a personal fave. Except, we may have found something we've been playing entirely wrong... since the game came out. Huh. Good old rules-lawyers and their rules-readin'. Further research to follow. Anyways. Stayed up *way* too late, resulting in a dearth of sleep. Whuf. But fun was had. And jasmydae, M. and I have decided you need to hang out with us more. FYI.

Tonight, bachelor party for t1tdave, which certainly promises to be an experience. Then crashing in Virginia (again) and picking up one bebe on the way home. Whee.

In other news, I'm pretty tired. Also, more people need to read LJ and post to LJ on Saturdays from 7 am to 2 pm or so. FYI.

Courtesy ammitnox: details on the future of Alchemy.
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