PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

So you wanna be a rock superstar

In case you're curious, the last song played at Alchemy at Nation was, in fact, "Dancing Queen."

Last night was pretty fantastic. The place was already more crowded than normal when we showed up at 9:30. And it was, in fact, even more crowded than that when we left around 3:30 when they threw us out. Approximately one zillion people there, including people I haven't seen in years. I expected to see more people, actually, but I am blaming the crowds for that. (I'm also blaming the crowds for people I got to talk to once or twice, and then lost track of them immediately thereafter.)

I had a couple drinks early on (the bars were virtually unreachable,) hung out with lots of people, and then ended up dancing for about two or three hours straight. The music was pretty delightful, and I took the opportunity to dance with a number of lovely ladies. I was pretty much covered in sweat for most of the evening, and my hair was one giant sweaty tangle by the end of the night. Attractive, I know.

So, so glad I took the day off today.

Anyways. Busy day today, no time for news Dr. Jones. Will post more tomorrow, including... a minor victory.
Tags: 2006, clubbing, not news

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