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The Middle East at war: Israel clamps down on Lebanon. The Post analysis notes that we have few options in the crisis. The view from Beruit. And, of course, this all sends oil prices through the roof. Bonus: timeline.

"Congress really has to think about how fundamentally wrong the current system is."
-Newt Gingrich, courtesy Dana Milbank (good read)

Welcome to America, 2006: New Mexico nurse cleared of sedition claims. (Courtesy my dad.)

* Ooh, confrontation between Israeli and Palestinian envoys in the halls of the UN.
* The Democrats' new rallying cry: minimum wage.
* The myth of missile defense.
* Tribe files suit against Abramoff and Reed.
* Russia's addiction to bribery and corruption.
* "If your brain can do it, we can tap into it."
* Transgendered scientist describes biases against women in the sciences.
* MySpace takes the title of the most-visited website.
* Lloyd Garver laments a lost greeting.
* New venture to focus on urban films.
* For Kevin Smith, it's all about the fans.

New opera based on John Gardner's Grendel.

ZOMG flying spiders

Whoah. Can silk be used to repair damaged nerves?
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