PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"...The White House acknowledgment on Tuesday that a key clause of the Geneva Conventions applies to Qaeda detainees, as a recent Supreme Court ruling affirmed, is only the latest step in the gradual erosion of the administration's aggressive legal stance."
-NYTimes news analysis

"The president is always right." Dana Milbank also has some high comedy of the administration vs. Congress.

Good read: a new book on Gonzales as the architect of Bush's power grab.

The anti-terrorist database has some pretty goofy targets listed.

Fact-checking the president on missile defense.

* Time wonders who is behind the India bombings.
* Army to end Halliburton contract.
* Lou Dobbs assaults Congress and the administration on illegal immigration.
* Novak bravely steps forward on the Plame affair and... reveals what everyone already knows. Jackass.
* Israel continues to hammer Gaza, sending more Palestinians into refugee camps. Plus new warfare with Lebanon after Hezbollah kidnaps soldiers. Yeesh.
* Islamist party seals control of Mogadishu.
* E.J. Dionne on the coming battle in the Republican party.
* DC declares a crime emergency.
* Unmanned drones for police work?
* Poll shows we dislike liars, but then we lie ourselves.

Nielsen ratings for TV commercials?

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