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I've had more sleep in the past two days than in the whole week before it. And, in fact, for most weeks in recent memory. WEIRD.

Saturday night was a fun party in the wilds of Virginia. Not much time was spent outside, as there were approximately 4,512,987,412 insects out there harassing people. But fun was had indoors as well, including the drinking kind of fun. That karaoke video game is cruel, but I confess, Guitar Hero is amusing (to watch.)

Sunday, slept. A lot. A long-awaited lunch with mscongeniality, tasty Virginia s00shi, some catching, up, etc. Good times. Came home, *slept some more* (madness.) Caught up with 4400 and Venture Brothers.

Today, laundering, painting. Have I mentioned M. is very patient? Shhh, don't tell anyone.

Speaking of M., she posted a couple more amusing pics of that bebe of mine. Oh, and then she posted up nine million more.

Hmmm, might have to have another gaming update soon. We'll see.

Tomorrow, some movie. Wednesday, theoretically Chinese take-out. Thursday, who knows? See also: Friday.

* The Washington Post on lucha libre.
Tags: bebe, not news, pics
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