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Previously, on The 4400...

* Previously, on The 4400: "You are the other way."
* Glad they remembered Shawn's powers work in reverse.
* Ah, auditory hallucinations.
* 'Insane 4400 with potentially lethal abilities'
* Alana the therapist, treating... a telepath.
* Hmmm. So. Certain 4400s end up with violent powers with no easily foreseeable positive applications... and they seem to always be people with the, uh, ethical flexibility to be willing to use them. I don't think this was accidental. I get the feeling the Future picked them specifically with this in mind.

Matthew: They're equipped to deal with 4400s.
Isabelle: Not as well as I am.

* Oh. She's sent to deal with the 4400 by the Future Resistance. Oh. Treating 4400 as the catastrophe. And Matthew! This is going to take some time to digest.
* "Today is graduation day." -Isabelle
* She turned the animals against her? Can she control others' powers? That ain't good.
* "You don't really know this girl at all, do you?" -Armand
* "If I had to kill a hundred people, I would." "Who are you?"
* Walking. Armageddon.
* "It's nice to have options, I guess."
* Ryland!

Man, this season is certainly in fifth gear.
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