PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

'Moving the economy, and the culture, from mass markets to million of niches, amounts to nothing less than a reordering of society, affecting everything from world markets to your plans for this weekend.'

BBC analysis of the Gaza situation, as Israel withdraws some troops. Time wonders why the administration stayed silent on the matter, and wonders if its a communication issue.

Moderate Republicans are unhappy with the Congressional Republicans right-wing summer push.

* More links between Abramoff and the White House.
* Another speculative terror plot foiled.
* Are two bonobo chimpanzees using language like humans?
* Burn baby burn: study connects climate change to the increase in wildfires.
* Hee: poll finds consumers study health info on food labels at the store, and then just buy what they want anyways.
* Stephen Hawking has a question for you.

The first half of 2006 at the box office.

Television execs embrace the online fan community.
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