PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"What Americans know about their country is often incomplete, nebulous, or inchoate; and what they believe about their country is not always consistent, coherent, or rational."

NYTimes analysis of the first term of the Roberts Court: he's at the helm, but he's not in charge. Rock star Andrew Cohen says it's actually the Kennedy Court.

CIA closes its unit focused on capturing bin Laden.

BAGnewsNotes on reading into the war.

* Italian officer arrested in connection with alleged CIA kidnapping of a terror suspect in Italy.
* Continuing their campaign of decimation, Israel destroys the Palestinian Interior Ministry.
* Harold Meyerson on the Republican party and the rule of law.
* In praise of some real modern-day patriots.
* Matt Frei connects North Korea and Hollywood.
* David Ignatius wants more from the administration than "trust us."
* Grand. A fear of the real estate bubble is causing local rental rates to rise.
* Robert J. Samuelson says we should treat global warming as an engineering problem foremost.
* Speaking of environmental disasters, how oceanic acidity is threatening coral, and what that means in the long run. (Hint: it's bad.)
* Research shows new biological threats from binge drinking in teens.

So. Is Paris Hilton really dumb?

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