PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

generalissimo update

Holy pancholes, happy birthday to the magnificent frecklefaerie!

Back stateside, and back at work. Took the Metro from the *wrong* end this morning (Branch Avenue? MADNESS. It's like BizarroWorld.) Heading back there after work, hanging at M.'s parents' house, then M. and I drop off the munchkin, and have a (fingers crossed) relaxing evening of unpacking and detox.

Trip was fun, but a lot more family than I'm used to, both in concentration and volume, so I felt a bit claustrophobic at times.

Let's not discuss how much e-mail I have to go through, or LJ posts I need to catch up on. If there's something important I should glance at, drop me a line.

With all the driving, we've also made a dent in the book club book, and hmmm, definitely not what I expected. Definitely going to keep reading, though.

Tomorrow evening: Superman. Friday: wacky bebe night! Saturday night: party in Far Virginia (but a different part, heh.) Sunday and Monday, either nothing, or dentist. Time will tell. Sometime next week: the myth of "free time" I've heard so much about.

As always, the nagging feeling of something I'm forgetting.
Tags: not news

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