PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

All the new movies I have seen so far this year in theaters, ranked from best to worst.

1.) Brokeback Mountain (2/23)
2.) Match Point (1/28)
3.) Night Watch (2/28)
4.) Over the Hedge (5/21)
5.) Thank You for Smoking (4/13)
6.) Nacho Libre (6/19)
7.) Mission: Impossible III (5/8)
8.) X-Men: The Last Stand (5/30)
9.) Poseidon (5/20)
10.) Casanova (1/12)
11.) Silent Hill (4/26)
12.) Underworld: Evolution (1/20)

To put labels on it, 1-4 were good, 5-11 were decent, and only 12 was terrible.

And yes, I do qualify between "good" movies and "enjoyable" movies. Some of that enters into the rating, but in the end, this is a list of "good" movies.

Seen a lot fewer movies this year, compared to previous years. This is a combination of financial woes and, well, Hollywood not making a lot of things I'm willing to trek out to theaters for. There's been a few I missed, as well (V for Vendetta, a handful of art house flicks, etc.) I won't lie and say that Netflix wasn't a big influence there.

As before, I fully expect the rankings of some of these to shift as the year continues, but I don't see the vast lot of them moving far.

Comments demanded! Challenge me! Suggest movies I missed to me! (Other than Superman, which I intend to see next Wednesday or so.)
Tags: 2006, movies, not news
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