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"And yet, most people are going about their daily business. They have lived through so many stretches of media shrillness - abducted women, missing children, killer sharks - that it has become background noise. Repeated warnings about terrorism, and all the false alarms, have diluted their effectiveness. An orange alert becomes like a snow alert, just another fact of life." -Howard Kurtz

With all the peace rallies worldwide, it's no surprise there's some debate on the size 0f the anti-war protests over the weekend. As I mentioned Aztec's LJ: Where did these numbers come from? How many of these are exact numbers, and how many were provided by the march organizers? The Post had a great article a while back on the inexact nature of estimating crowd totals, and how the Park Service (the government agency that used to do it officially) stopped doing it after debates over the size of the Million Man March. See, both sides have reasons to 'alter' the numbers to make their side look like it has more support, but we're left in a vacuum of only having what various media sources tell us. Anyways.

Big update to the Quote-O-Rama today. Still desperately seeking a re-org.

* Science developing pacemakers for the brain.
* Record ratings for Joe Millionaire finale.
* Google buys Weblog pioneer Blogger
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