PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on The 4400...

* Clothes all over the floor, good work Shawn.
* Ah, cash payments. Following the money.
* Heh, open house and wienie roast at the 4400 Center.
* (That teacher chick? Man, she has a whole lotta teeth.)
* "Maia, do you mind explaining that, because it sounds a little creepy." -Diana
* Ack! Sister.
* But it's Alice Krige, who's always evil.
* (Crescent City, hee.)
* Acha, using Alana at the school, clever.
* Mass healing! And a PETA protest, apparently.
* "It doesn't sneak up on me anymore." -Maia
* Matthew's angling in on Richard now.
* "Oh, I did find out how I was going to die." -Marco
* Collecting 4400 kids seems like a terrible idea, actually. And why didn't Maia see this coming?
* Diffusion? But only when touching? Whatever.
* Oh, snap. Brought back to the future.
* Experiment is failing!
* "I used to be scared of you... but I don't think you have any power over me." -Isabelle
* Did the scary lady just say the kids were chosen for their abilities? Hurm.
* OMG re-inserting the kids earlier into the timeline! And making them forget!
* "All the hope we have rests wth you."

Well, that episode was surprisingly more in-depth and plot heavy than I expected. But will it hold up in part two?
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