PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

a.) Andrew in oven mitts! With the MAP!!
b.) Anya calls Spike "Scooter." Which rocks.
c.) Men created the Slayer? Ehn. I'm give and take on a lot of the Whedonverse mythology stuff. (And this season is *heavy* with it, for good or ill.) But, maybe it's spending time with a feminist or two these days, but I don't like this 'men created the Slayer' pile they handed us last night.
d.) Hey, why didn't the First Slayer visit Faith?
e.) Hey, where was Giles?
f.) Hey, why hasn't anyone seen a headline or head a news report from Los Angeles, where THE FRIKKIN' SUN HAS BEEN BLOTTED OUT.
g.) So is that tall skinny Slayerette still going to school? Does she have parents?
h.) Mean Buffy asking Anya why she is there. NICE. I mean, the mean Buffy thing was lame (see next point) but man, way to hit anya below the belt, as it were.
i.) Thanks Kennedy. Now shut the hell up.

That being said, I laughed a lot during this episode and enjoyed it, despite its inherent lameness.

"It's not enough" -the First Slayer
Tags: tv
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