PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Cheney really loathes weakness. And like his fellow neoconservatives, he is consumed with the conviction that an all-powerful United States is both imperative to American security and the best thing for the world. Moral leadership, multilateralism, containment, human rights - those are all less crucial than maintaining unquestioned power, at the point of a gun if necessary."
-Dan Froomkin (good read)

Suspected terrorists arrested in Florida.

How about Bush's new spy service?

* How the administration has been secretly monitoring bank data.
* More bad news for Bob Ney, not to mention Ralph Reed.
* AT&T's new privacy policy is pretty crappy for the consumer.
* Eugene Robinson on the Republican attack on the Voting Rights Act.
* Dick Meyer on what voters aren't buying.
* National Review defends the practice of monitoring mosques.
* Man, nobody still believes there are WMDs in Iraq, right?
* Transportation Secretary Mineta resigns.
* Atlanta library stops purchasing Spanish-language material.
* Is Jon Stewart poisoning democracy? (Um, no.)

What's cooler, an 110 million year-old spider web, or jewelry from 100,000 years ago?

Fametracker's Fame Audit of... Stephen Colbert.

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