PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Good read: "The controversy over a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer is a sign of the deep suspicion on both sides of the cultural divide. It needn't be that way."

Specter schedules a hearing on signing statements. Fingers crossed.

Lou Dobbs on Congress's new pay raise.

The global media market is set to take off.

* The growing problem of rape as a weapon of war.
* What the? Republicans stop a vote to extend the Voting Rights Act.
* Despite polls, Republicans re-embrace the war issue. More coverage on the gambit by Dan Froomkin.
* Dana Milbank covers the Republican revolt.
* Widespread corruption inside the Bureau Of Indian Affairs?
* Red Cross votes to admit Israel.
* Bush was driven to protect a marine wildlife reserve thanks to a movie he saw.
* How Germany refound its patriotism, with the help of a ball.
* On Lieberman, and how principles aren't everything.
* Earth, hottest in 400 years.
* Arthur Miller and the FBI.
* Write your own punchline: someone bought
* Ultimate Fighting goes big time: the growth of mixed martial arts.

The enduring popularity of Superman.

Searching for Nelson Mandela's buried gun.

Adopted woman tracks down her birth mother... to a former co-worker.

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