PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Keeping track of all the administration's scandals.

Tech companies want federal privacy laws. Also, how the police are bypassing subpoenas to get phone records.

BAGnewsNotes on the story broken from the man inside Guantanamo, one and two.

* Dana Milbank on annoying political slogans.
* Howard Kurtz on fact-checking Cheney and his 'last throes'.
* Shocking! Congress finds a way to put off the illegal immigration issue until after the elections.
* Bush walks into the European summit as a very unpopular president.
* Katrina left a wake of depression and suicide.
* Ehrlich's circus on the electricity hike.
* Seeking more cooperation in the future development of the area.
* Today's headline: Earth surrounded by giant fizzy bubbles
* Legendary BBC show Top of the Pops cancelled.

Tom Shales on Dan Rather's awkward exit from CBS.

Krrish - Bollywood's first superhero movie.

Electronic Arts to buy Mythic Entertainment.

Wizard interviews Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics.
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