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working backwards...

Last night, dinner out was pre-empted, so the night was full of laundry, a little minis assembly, and Breakfast on Pluto, on which I then sent out a flurry of Netflix recommendations. Lovely film, and I am now, formally, a big Cillian Murphy fan. Bonus points for Stephen Rea as a stage magician.

Monday evening was dinner for Baldur's birthday at Sapphire's in Laurel. Service was adequate considering we had a group of sixteen or so. And the food more than made up for any discrepancies. Good times chatting with people. Selene snapped some pics, as well.

And before that, a Monday afternoon movie matinee!


Nacho Libre was good fun. It doesn't quite live up to the promise, but Jack Black remains magnificent, and the very Napoleon Dynamite-esque plot lends itself to his talents rather well. There's also some quality running gags in there, and they never translate any of the Spanish, which actually improves the feel of the film. Recommended for DVD rental.

New trailers:
* Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby - OK, this is looking a bit, uh, NASCAR-ry for me. And a bit Will Ferrell-ly. On the other hand, the Tom Cruise line in the trailer still cracks me up, so maybe.
* Barnyard - Ehn. This trailer was slightly better, but I'm still not overly enthused.
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