PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on The 4400...

* Oh, hi, T.J.
* Burkhoff's getting migraines. "I guarantee you I'm not the only one trying."
* Isabelle... can't drown.
* Oh, bye T.J.
* eee, Nova Group watching Tom.
* Oh, it's Mystique. Wait.
* Isabelle can... make the pool warmer? 'We can each do one thing.'
* Hey, that whole 'frame an NTAC guy' thing is a good plan.
* "Optical camouflage"? Ooo-kay.
* "It doesn't always work." -Burkhoff
* "It'll be fun. I was good at driving." -Isabelle
* Matthew is pushing Isabelle and Tom together. 'Opposite sides of an ideological divide.' EEE
* "It doesn't match your eyes. You should take care of that." -Matthew
* How does Matthew know all this? And what is he up to?
* OMG which one to shoot! If only she remembered that episode of Star Trek, from over 25 years ago.
* "I'm a soldier, and there are more of us every day." -Boyd
* And Diana's injecting Burkhoff now.
Tags: not news, tv

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