PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Why something needs to be done about the Israeli-Palestinian situation, and soon.

"...The United States is backing the most abusive rebel leader in Darfur."

* More evidence of US troops torturing detainees in Iraq.
* Poll shows Bush's unpopularity could hurt Republicans come November.
* Katrina refugees are still stuck in trailers, as the new hurricane season starts.
* Is Six Flags violating the civil rights of its employees by banning certain hairstyles?
* Dick Meyer on kids today and their love of technology.
* Saving that prison from the Monte Cristo movie.
* To no one's surprise, Wikipedia changes its editing policy.
* TV network to air video game events.
* Heh. Animal rights activists win an auction for a dinner with Beyonce Knowles, and then confront her about wearing fur.
* Clever: using the iPod to study up on the opposing sports team.

I heard it on NPR: an audio diary describing the Soweto uprising in 1976. Very interesting, well worth a listen/read.

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