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Sunday, picked up bebe, brought her back to our place. Selene coordinated bathtime. Then, Harmony's two lovely daughters came over to join us (we were bebesitting while Harmony went downtown to the march.) A trip to the local playground was somewhat abbreviated thanks to a needed bathroom break (which required a rapid three-block hike back to the apartment.) Much youngling-wrangling was to be had. As per usual, Zoe took a little while to warm up to other kids, but once they were getting along, they got along rather well. The cutest was the three of them, all blonde and sleepy, lying down in bed to watch a movie at night.

(I am formally impressed with anyone who has more than one kid, including my parents, who wrangled three of us. And I am precisely aware of what hellraisers we were.)

Unfortunately, we did have to catch the midnight showing of The 4400, which I don't think improved Selene's already sketch health situation. She did hold out, but was pretty rundown by the end of it.

Yesterday, dropped off tze bebe, then a nice quiet afternoon. I watched the rest of that Wallace & Gromit movie (good stuff.) Thereafter, dinner with my parents and Selene's parents (plus her brother as a special guest star.) Only a little tense building up to it, but everyone got along swimmingly, I daresay.

Tonight, movie night.
Tomorrow, a long-planned dinner across town.
Thursday, Heroclix (!), or clubbing (!), or both (!!)
Friday, City of somethingorother. Maybe some painting.
Weekend, beyond my control.
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