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Previously, on The 4400...

* Previously on The 4400: OK, let's see... the mindreader! promycin inhibitor! that psycho chick who made guys crazy! and Isabelle getting all hot!
* Heh, Congressional hearings. 'Extrahuman capabilities.'
* Aquaman? Glowy-hands girl? And, of course, Maia's diaries.
* Us against them!
* Man, Lily got old. Oddly enough, right after her daughter prematurely grew up. Hmm...
* Yay Dr. Burkhoff! And he's as goofy as ever.
* 75, ouch. "Are you my mother?" Man, that's one messed-up family.
* I totally want a "Free Dennis Ryland" t-shirt.
* T.J. Kim, the 4400 terrorist. (Who can now target her powers. And a getaway car means conspiracy.)
* (I'm delighted they turned Ryland into this awesome baddy. This is a good sign.)
* Can't heal old age, dude.
* Oh crap, Baldwin's wife can control her power better! And totally take him right into... a, uh, not very realistic dreamworld. But still!
* Heh, Isabelle's not used to clothes. "But I'm not a 4400."
* The Nova Group. Ooh.
* OK, they have Iceman, a beastmaster, T.J., ...
* Oh, hey Gary.
* Spying "on your own kind," ouch.
* "Overseas stuff, mostly."
* Ah, Isabelle is feeding on Lily.
* Wesley Hauser, off the grid for three years... and never took the inhibiton. Uh oh!
* "You're the bad guys now. Get used to it." -Gary
* Aw, games aren't fun for Maia anymore. Sad.
* Richard, the very angry telekinetic. Total superweapon.
* So Gary sort of can't help using his powers, but a buffer zone helps him tune things out...
* Daniel Armand. What's his power?
* "The Nova Group is supposed to protect us." -Shawn
* "I'm the guy who killed you." -Gary
* And then Isabelle got back up. "What am I?"
* "I guess you're going to have to find yourself another telepath. Good luck with that." -Gary
* Yay Matthew! Unexpected dramatic return.
* Heh, uh, Burkhoff, you'd be the second non-4400 developing powers, dude.
* "Isn't that why the future woke me up?" -Burkhoff
* Collecting foreign national 4400s, nice. 'human weapons of mass destruction.' (Marvel used this first, tragically, but still.)
* "I'm interested in learning about evil." Oh my God, Isabelle basically has no concept of morals at all.
* NSA torturing Gary, good job guys. I'm sure that won't come back to haunt you.
* "We are in a war. We all have to do our part." -Daniel Armand
* OMG Matthew knows Collier's back!
* He's just carrying around a shot of whatever it is that can kill Isabelle?
* (Actually, he probably would, nevermind.)
* (See, Alana could take scientists into the dream world and give them like a year or two to work out a problem, and only seconds would have passed in our world...)
* "I knew I had a clean cup somewhere!" -Burkhoff
* OK, Lily giving Isabelle the wedding band was about the sweetest thing ever.
* "I had it easy. I got to lie. You're the one that has to tell her the truth." -Lily
* Oh shit, T.J. Kim. How will they hold her?
* Ah, sedation, nevermind. That's what I was theorizing to Selene on the commercial break. Heh.
* Deserts turned into farmlands, nice. (Also, straight out of Rising Stars, and possibly Squadron Supreme, but I won't tell anyone.)
* And Shawn loses contact with Nova. Oh dear.
* So, Baldwin's tapping the dreamworld (ifyahknowwhatImean) pretty heavy, and Diana's taking Maia to a 4400 school. So they're both pretty well compromised by this point.
* And man, Richard's had a pretty shitty life, hasn't he.

I had no idea that was the same actress playing Lily. Very convincing old age makeup. I figured they just brought in some new, older actress to write her off the show. Huh.

And, I am loving this season opener. Two hours, they established things are *dramatically* different, and pointed the whole show in a new direction. And they did it cleanly and believably, by bringing in not-thinly-veiled references to modern events. Most excellent.
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