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"All the fretting about the National Security Agency's domestic spying program is understandable, but it misses one spectacularly big point: domestic privacy in America simply does not exist anymore."

The manhunt that finally tracked down and killed Zarqawi. And how we could have had him before. Also, examining his bloody legacy. How the White House kept the news under wraps. And coincidentally, they re-deployed the USS Cole today.

The Pentagon wants to formally step away from the Geneva Conventions regarding prisoner treatment. No, really.

Good read: John Nichols on Bush's embrace of discrimination.

Much as yesterday's Dan Froomkin was a must-read, so it today's Howard Kurtz. It's been an exciting 24 hours, folks.

* Specter wants Cheney to stop interfering in Congressional probes.
* Virginia to go ahead with executing a mentally incompetent convict.
* Interesting read: a profile of senator and presidential hopeful Sam Brownback. (Bonus points" Opus Dei connection.)
* Bolten gets into another hissyfit at the UN.
* More thrashing of Coulter's latest comments.
* Dwarf dinosaurs? Cute!
* Joan Jett, still rocking.
* 24: the Movie

Republicans want to cut PBS funding again. Unleash the hounds.

Dreaming of a third party? Try Unity08. "The biggest unserved consumer market in the U.S. is the political middle."

Special forces to use 'batwings'?
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