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"Stop Same Sex Marriage: It Endorses Masturbation." Dana Milbank on the anti-gay marriage push. (Great read.) Also, my favorite new angry commentator, Lou Dobbs, takes on the government's priorities. And not all Republicans are pleased by the focus on ideology. Finally, Brian Montopoli covers why the media doesn't care.

Documents reveal the CIA shielded Nazi war criminals.

Must read: Marty Kaplan thinks the media is under-reporting the violence in Iraq. Also, David Ignatius on salvaging the civil war.

Report reveals Katrina's population impact. Also, guess who's rebuilding New Orleans?

Handy list of how Bush has expanded presidential power. (Courtesy Dan Froomkin, who has a great article on the issue.)

* "Fourteen European states colluded with the CIA in secret US flights for terror suspects."
* Details emerge about the terrorist plot in Canada. Spooky stuff.
* Turns out the Veterans Affairs data theft was much worse than they thought.
* The secret court case behind the Jefferson incident.
* Republicans still can't agree on the estate tax. (I'm still divided myself.)
* Does technology give incumbents an unfair advantage?
* Is the internet the key to happiness?
* New allegations of plagiarism and borrowing and Da Vinci Code.
* LiveOnline transcript with Lewis Black.
* Pondering Jennifer Aniston's movie choices.

"Among the Transhumanists: Cyborgs, self-mutilators, and the future of our race."

Good read: what Netflix can teach Hollywood.
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