PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,


1. An era has passed. My beloved Y2J keychain broke at some point over the weekend. The J snapped right off, meaning I can't carry my keys in my mouth as easily as I did before. Sad. It was a souvenir from ninjacooter from a trip to New York, and a beloved possession that totally marked me as a pro wrestling fan from back when pro wrestling was *awesome.* Sigh.

2. Netflix Notes on Mrs Henderson Presents: Bob Hoskins fans, if you ever wanted to see his wiener, this is the movie for you. Oh, it's a good movie otherwise, sure, but, y'know, the full Hoskins. Right there. (P.S. - if anyone sends me a screencap of this, I will make it into an LJ icon, and reply to *each of their posts* *every single day.* Then I will burn their house down.)

3. Netflix Notes on Ghost World: Wait, Thora Birch can act? Does anyone else know this?

4. City of Heroes fans - I7 live *today*! OMG WTF LOL BBQ ETC

4 1/2. Star Wars Minis fans: new expansion in stores today sometime this week!

4 3/4ths. Mega news post, soonly.

scans_daily, I miss you.
Tags: 2006, comic books, gaming, movies, not news, pics
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