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"According to 2005 Census Bureau estimates, there are 296,410,404 people in the United States. The Judiciary Committee is clearly concerned with the rights of 435 House members and -- give them the benefit of the doubt - 100 senators. Someday, the committee will get around to thinking about the rights of the remaining 296,409,869 of us."
-E.J. Dionne Jr.

Welcome to America, 2006: "The Justice Department is asking Internet companies to keep records on the Web-surfing activities of their customers to aid law enforcement, and may propose legislation to force them to do so."

Judging if an inmate is sane enough to get the death penalty.

The dramatic return of Dan Froomkin. Good read.

* The 'moral catastrophe' of war in Iraq.
* The Army Corps of Engineers takes the blame for the failures of the levees, on the first day of the new hurricane season.
* The war is a big speedbump for senators to overcome this fall. Harrass your senator today!
* Can we impeach both Gonzales *and* Jefferson?
* Case study links poor newborn health and female genital mutilation. (NPR did a story on this last night, but I literally had to turn it off because it was too graphic and gruesome.)
* Important rulings involving the administration, free speech, federal money, and sex ed.
* One member of Opus Dei is grateful for The Da Vinci Code. (Courtesy my dad.)
* Nobel prize-winning scientist Raymond Davis Jr. passed away.

BAGnewsNotes on an awesome New Yorker cover.

"So, should we shut down all gyms in the name of fighting terrorism? "

The family of a fallen Wiccan soldier fights to have their symbol on his gravestone.
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