PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

So, larp last night was fun. Only got a little bit of actual gaming in; lots of time spent on character creation. Pretty please with how I did, however. Got my character introduced, presented to the Prince and Harpy, etc. Bonus is an introduction into the storyline I'm looking to inject myself into. Ready-made!

And man, I have a lot of writing to do now. (Fully write out the background [I only have the outline currently, but it's a big outline,] correspond with a couple people in character, and do a game wrapup.)

(Amusing note: also making a new character at the same time as me? Amanda, who ran the first weekend larps that I ever attended, over ten years ago.)

Oh, and despite the results, I went with Sebastian. Basil St. John simply didn't roll off the tongue smoothly enough. Stick that up your democratic process!
Tags: 2006, gaming, not news

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