PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Something has gone alarmingly wrong in Afghanistan, previously touted as the Bush administration's one quasi-successful venture in nation-building. Afghanistan's rising carnage still has not reached Iraq-like levels. But the trend is running in decidedly the wrong direction. Poorly thought-out American policies are at least partly to blame. Unless Washington starts correcting its mistakes, parts of Afghanistan could start tumbling back toward the kind of anarchic chaos that once made such areas an attractive sanctuary for international terrorists like Osama bin Laden."

Take homeland security money from DC and New York? *Great idea.* I'm sure they're much less likely to be attacked than Topeka and Podunk.

Dick Meyer on the impact of the new whistleblower ruling.

"Four Connecticut librarians who had been barred from revealing that they had received a request for patrons' records from the federal government spoke out yesterday."

* As a result of the Haditha massacre, they're having the troops undergo "core values" training? Will it include such hard-to-grasp tidbits as "don't slaughter civilians"?
* Has the Justice Department been using subpoenas improperly?
* ACLU sues over arrests at Santorum event.
* The New York Court of Appeals tackles the fundamental nature of marriage.
* Back when the North Pole was tropical.
* Discovery of artifacts rekindles debates over 'hobbit people.'
* The increasingly popular sport of ultimate fighting.

Examining the power of word choice to drive public perception.

Avi Arad, the man who revolutionized comic book movies, is leaving Marvel Comics to focus just on the films.

The Harvey Award nominations have been announced.

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