PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

The administration says that the Haditha investigation will be made public. Meanwhile, a state of emergency is declared for Basra. NPR talks about successes for the insurgency in Ramadi.

Time looks at the anger in Afghanistan.

And speaking of forgotten countries, whatever happened with that whole North Korea part of the axis of evil?

* Are British soldiers deserting over Iraq?
* Dana Milbank on the House's constitutional nerve.
* Lou Dobbs, who is still mad, wants the president and Congress to stop ignoring the crises.
* An interesting essay on racism and immigration. (Courtesy Iceman.) Robert J. Samuelson has some surprising numbers.
* "...Climatologists say there are signs this is just the start of a 30-year pattern known as a megadrought."
* Yep, more people are starting fight clubs. (Courtesy Magistrate.)
* Do we really need a Die Hard 4?
* Talking with the actresses from X3.

They finally approved the intercounty connector.

The Japanese turn to past lives for future comfort.

(And while I'm here, in case you missed it, I tossed together a two-minute explanation of the current state of the DC universe.)

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