PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

So, before the movie on Monday, saw the best commercial ever, for the G4's channel new line of late night shows. A rough synopsis:

A guy is asleep in bed, and he hears a cute high-pitched voice says "Tom... Tom..." He opens his eyes, and there's a tiny guinea pig perched on his chest. "Tom, get up and watch G4's new Midnight Spank." He replies, "Calico-colored guinea pig, I don't want to get up, I'm tired and I have to work in the morning." Calico-colored guinea pig replies "Tom, do you want me to eat your other kidney?" At which point the camera pans up and above the bed, and we see the sheet on his left-hand side is *soaked* in blood. And the announcer reads their slogan: "Watch G4's new Midnight Spank, or calico-colored guinea pig will eat your other kidney."

Luckily Nimue saw it too, so I can prove I didn't just hallucinate the whole thing.

If I can find images online, there's totally a new LJ icon in my future, to match my upcoming nightmares.

[UPDATE: YouTube link in comments! Watch it at the peril of your own soul. Thanks, P.!]
Tags: movies, not news, not right, tv, two-fisted tales
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