PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

* Dottie Lynch wonders where the anti-war movement is.
* Nice. The EU's highest court bars passing passenger data to the US. Plus, BBC Q&A.
* More US troops are being sent into the Anbar province. Also, a reporter realizes she knows the troops in question in the Haditha probe.
* The Supreme Court limits whistleblower lawsuits and free speech on the job.
* The House will question Gonzales over the Jefferson raid.
* Reflooding the Iraqi marshes. (Courtesy Northram.)
* Women in Kashmir declare jihad on beauty salons.
* How about smarter space-exploring robots?
* Metro plans to make stations brighter. Finally.

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    "It’s Time for Black Liberation, Not Liberalism."

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    What lead to the death of the enclosed mall as a concept?

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