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Selene, Nimue and I ducked out of the cookout yesterday to catch X-men: The Last Stand. Now, previously, I had been warned it was pretty bad, so I lowered my (already low) expectations and gave it a shot. And you know, it wasn't that bad. I mean, it wasn't the best X-men movie, no, but it was still good for a comic book movie, and enjoyable as a movie as a whole.

Some points:
- It's been a long time since I noticed that a soundtrack was actually bad in parts. I mean, parts were OK, but the inspirational music whenever Angel flew was particularly annoying. And loud.
- Angel and Jamie Madrox were both particularly prime examples of "introducing a character, who they then do nothing with." Seriously, it felt like I missed crucial scenes with both their characters doing more than one thing, but I saw the whole thing. Maybe the DVD cut will be like five hours long.
- I *did* like both Juggernaut and Kitty. Both got the exact amount of screen time I wanted, and both hit it just about right. And their final fight scene ruled.
- Whole lotta characters going on here, guys. I was having problems keeping track of everyone. I appreciate that you wanna toss in people just for the fans, but, still, a little restraint.
- The plot was good. The script was, well, lacking in parts.
- Dark Phoenix stood around a lot, didn't she? She was properly scary when she got riled up, though. But where was the big energy bird image?
- Man, lotta deaths for a comic book movie. Main characters aside, which is a different debate, the Brotherhood was just butchering people. And I was fine with it, because it made them actually scary and understand why the government would totally weaponize the cure. When Magento went to stop the convoy and was just crumpling the cars we had just seen were full of people, impressive.
- I noticed more than a couple simple continuity flaws. Like, obvious ones. Sloppy, guys, sloppy.
- Colossus, still underused.
- Beast, actually just about perfect. The fight scenes were a little blurry, but I forgive them, because he still fought like the Beast. Also, "Oh my stars and garters!"
- Hooray, fastball special. And Danger Room. *And* Sentinel. Way to give the fans what they want.
- Iceman vs. Pyro! Solid. Plus icing, up.
- You did stay until the end of the credits, right?
- Anyways.

New trailers:
* Superman Returns - New trailer, this one with the "eye scene" people were raving about. I'm now officially looking forward to this one, also, despite my fears of Spacey hamming it up.
* My Super Ex-Girlfriend - Could be good, could be bad. Trailer had some people laughing. She does throw a shark at him.
* Snakes on a Plane - Teaser trailer, still had people chatting and snickering.
* Ghost Rider - It does look pretty, granted. But I liked this movie a lot when it was called The Crow. Nevertheless, could be decent, time will tell.
* The Omen - Liev Schreiber makes any remake better. But Julia Stiles, shouldn't you be in something better? (David Thewlis, you belong right here, so sit back down.)

I expect the comments to be spoilery, so, enter at your own risk.
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