PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Under the reign of Saddam Hussein, dissidents called Iraq 'the republic of fear' and hoped it would end when Hussein was toppled. But the war, it turns out, has spread the fear democratically. Now the terror is not merely from the regime, or from U.S. troops, but from everybody, everywhere."

The Pentagon wants nonnuclear missiles for submarines.

Is the government declaring too many things secret?

* CBS news crew hit by deadly attack in Iraq.
* Bagdhad becomes numb to daily violence.
* What a Great Wall of Mexico can't protect against. Also, why the legal immigration options simply don't work for Mexico.
* Where the administration deserves credit for the fight against AIDS.
* Winners named at Cannes.
* Actor Paul Gleason passed away.

How to find the best jukeboxes in the area.

"Lucha is really an assemblage of a lot of international influences, but the ritual that goes along with it is very Mexican."

The ten best movies about the veteran's experience.

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