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Must read, #1: 'The deadliest war in the world: Congo's simmering conflict has killed 4 million'

Must read, #2: the state of affairs in Afghanistan, a.k.a. "that other country we've occupied."

Joel Achenbach on global warming skeptics.

The BBC looks at our modern culture of confrontation.

* Firsthand accounts from the Java earthquake aftermath.
* The Senate's immigration bill isn't too focused on that whole 'due process' thing. Also, a new book argues the importance of welcoming foreigners.
* BAGnewsNotes on the softer Bush.
* New questions surrounding the death of Pat Tillman.
* Upgrading the Mars rovers.
* Ooh. Rare footage of an underwater volcano.
* Extended-cycle birth control pill wins FDA approval.
* A new book of essays focused on what defined the founding fathers of our country.
* "Advertisers are starting to think more like a programmer. How do I create content that people will watch?"
* Chechnya names their first beauty queen.
* Linda Ellerbee celebrates fifteen years of Nick News.
* Hey, remember Bernie Kerik? Yeah, he's still in trouble.
* "Did Pat Robertson Leg-Press 2,000 Lbs?"

The tricks of designing a super-casino.

Good read: Hollywood is now increasingly targeting foreign box offices.

Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly talks about his new movie, Southland Tales. Which I am all over.

Hey, how about ten things we didn't know this time last week. And while we're here, today's pic and quote, courtesy Madonna.
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