PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

a post that won't mean much to most of you

Megabattle: big fun! Eight players, 6,000 points per side. In the end, the vile forces of Chaos took the day. Many pictures were taken, I will post links here as appropriate.

Lesson learned: megabattle means megabig table, and megabig table means if you don't get some sort of transport to *all* your guys, then some are just going to be left behind and footslogging it just to catch up all day long. Like, you know, most of mine. Nevertheless, my super-sniper assassin earned his points back and then some, and the orbital laser strike (more games need orbital laser strikes) was worthless for two turns, and then started just killing and killing. Good times.

And now, I am going to spend a whole week without touching another miniature or bottle of paint. :}
Tags: 2006, gaming, not news

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