PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"A Congressional inquiry into online data brokers has raised concerns that federal and local law enforcement may be skirting privacy laws to obtain calling records."

Good read: Dana Milbank on Hastert the wrestler standing up to the administration.

So, uh, does the domestic surveillance actually work?

"Despite mounting criticism of the war in Iraq, American support of troops serving there has not waned."

The plight of civilian truckers in Iraq.

* Bush and Blair admit to mistakes in Iraq - sort of. Those two have a lot in common.
* Is it time to talk with Iran?
* Senate confirms controversial judicial nominee.
* The 50 greatest conservative rock songs.
* Eugene Robinson defends American Idol.

The source of HIV is found in wild chimps.

Bloomberg calls for an end to the political manipulation of science.

A quick pic of Borat at Cannes. Not really work-safe, and, er, not really home-safe either.
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