PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Andrew Cohen on the sniper trial. Good read.

The ACLU turns to the states to help investigate the domestic phone surveillance scandal.

More on the FDA chiefs' roles in blocking the morning-after pill.

* The levees have been rebuilt, but will they work?
* Bush and Blair to hold talks. Will it accomplish anything?
* Questioning Gonzales's legal rationale on the phone data scandal.
* Congress passes funeral protest ban. No one is outraged.
* Talking to workers in India and China.
* The great wall of Texas takes shape.
* Ian Copeland, musical booking agent, passed away.

Robin D. Laws on the symbolic names in the Hookergate scandal.

New movie reveals: no one can really predict a hit movie.

In defense of Rachael Ray. (Courtesy DCFUD.)
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