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Previously, on Lost...

Yeah, that pretty much sums things up.

* Previously, on Lost: Like, an entire season of stuff.
* Look, a boat. Hee, opera. And he's Scottish, so you know he's plastered.
* Meanwhile, Kate talks to a bunch of extras.
* "Why'd you come back? Didja think I did it on purpose?" Sailed due west, came right back.
* "We are stuck in a bloody snow globe!" -Desmond
* And, Desmond flashback. Prison. Our Mutual Friend. That chick in the photo. Dishonorable discharge.
* "You want a ride?" "Not with you."
* That's, a lot of letters. Stolen! Man, jerks. "This is for your new life, away from my daughter... You just... run away, Desmond."
* Get down with your man planning skillz, Sayid.
* "But I am going to push the button." -Eko. Man, remember when Locke was the scary badass?
* Elizabeth
* 'going to see the Hostiles.'
* ZOMG Libby!
* Charles Widmore!
* Of course she has a boat. "He named it after me." "I shall win this race for love." Gag.
* "You won't leave me, Jin... because I'm coming with you." Sun was awesome in this ep.
* Haha, 'caught in a net' wasn't a euphemism!
* clik clik clik hahaha
* Said Hurley's name?
* Aw, Locke crying. But was that Charlie that came to see him... or Darth Charlie?
* Claire certainly doesn't talk about the Turniphead's father often.
* Jogging flashback... and Penny.
* [They're televising the spelling bee? MAGNIFICENT.]
* "I have to get my honor back, and that's what I'm moving to." Man, someone saw Braveheart too often.
* "Smells like carrots." BRILLIANT. World's still here? Not so sure.
* He was in for three years, ouch.
* I totally expected Desmond to snap here.
* Sober up, rest up, and make sure the button doesn't get pushed. Furthermore, !
* Carving 922 on the stick...
* Power down! IT'S A TRAP. Desmond! ZOMG Locke just stole his spirit stick!
* Flashback to Desmond when he starred in A Perfect Storm.
* So, was that more than one guy on the beach in protective suits, or just multiple images of one guy?
* "Are you him?!"
* Film time, old partner, The Turn of the Screw.
* "We locked out a priest?"
* Hey, the old exit. QUARANTINE.
* Fairly certain, 90 minutes, everyone dies.
* I *love* how they had all the characters discussing the various theories about the show (whole world gone, aliens, etc.)
* Being followed! Nice shot, Sawyer.
* "It's the only way." -Michael
* No, seriously, once again, I was expecting Hurley to go all green and start tearing shit up.
* Can't go back! Jack, you superjerk.
* Eko does what many of us wish we could do: get Charlie to stop playing his guitar.
* Dynamite stash OMG NO
* Take on an A-bomb, heh.
* Triggered the blast doors! PAINTING THE MAP! That Rozinski musta been a card.
* Quarantines, "the Hostiles." So. Was the Kurgan co-opted? At first I was sure he was one of the Others, now I doubt it, but how much did/didn't he know?
* Oh, he joined Dharma, nice work, dude.
* Belt-throwing! Dharma matches!
* Fireball in a dungeon?! Charlie no!
* A hatch in the hatch? Key!
* The Incident! Discharges the electromagnetic buildup! Oh shit!
* "They're not my friends." "I thought it was my destiny."
* Abandoned village... and fake hatch. uh oh, Chuck.
* More supplies? No, the TUBE! Hee.
* Elizabeth Kate
* Dart-ed!
* Heh, hole in the biosuit.
* Fixing the boat, nice!
* "I lied to you because I needed a sucker to save the world after I left!"
* "I think I crashed your plane."
* Dock! "I can't tell you how much this thing itches." Tom, Dee. Oh, hi Henry. "Hello again... Where's your beard?"
* So, is Henry in charge?
* Man, war zone down there. Eko no!
* And now Desmond says it's real.
* "No, I just saved us all."
* Aw, letter from Penny.
* I am digging the Desmond/Locke connection.
* And yep, the hieroglyphics apparently spell 'death.'
* "Now I've got to go and make it all go away... See you in another life."
* "I was wrong." No shit, Locke! Hahaha


* Hatch!
* Commercial: (I really should start checking these things out, or read what other people find there.)
* Charlie wanders out of the jungle.
* "We got more than what we bargained for when Walt joined us."
* Compass bearing 3-2-5. 'You'll find rescue.' Hmmm, ambiguous wording.
* Once you leave, never able to get back there.
* "Who are you people?" "We're the good guys, Michael."
* Hey, it really is Walt.
* Hurley, set free. Tell everyone to never come. (So, why'd they want him specifically for that?)
* Bye, Michael and Walt.
* Well, that was interesting...
* Anomaly detected? 'Missed it again!'
* HOLY HANNAH IT'S PENNY. "I think we found it!"

Man, what if the scientists are the good guys? Like they found out about someone else's crap all over the island, and are trying to save the world from... whatever?

So, so many questions answered, and so, so many new questions created. Let's not forget all the things they *didn't* answer either. Well played, gentlemen, well played.

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[More pics are gonna have to wait until tomorrow evening, sorry, people.]
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