PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

* Basic human rights in Iraq are threatened, as an excess of armed groups propel the country towards chaos.
* Harold Meyerson on irony, Iraq, and the neocons.
* The administration's new watchword: Containment
* Fifty years later, unseen photos let us see the unseen. Great read.
* A conservative lashes out against Bush. Good enough to warrant a LiveOnline discussion, and a reply to his critics.
* Ties between Ehrlich and his lawyer questioned.
* Tom Tomorrow: good grief.
* "The growing inequality between the very rich and the bottom half affects every aspect of American life."
* Voyager II detects the solar system's edge
* Egypt to excavate a submerged Roman city.
* Dracula's castle returns to his bloodline.

[EDIT: New links added in comments. 1222 ET]

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