PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Hefty busy weekend drawing to a close, here.

The short version follows.

Friday, surprise evening at Pickett and Harmony's place, with their three lovely daughters and a tasty dinner. Packed for the weekend once we got home.

Saturday, drove into work, stayed a little late (stuck on a goofy problem, that had me answering simple phone calls, but a call every seven minutes or so for like three hours. Lame.) After replacement showed up, Metro'ed down to Union Station for the eventual dinner. Found myself there with a couple hours to spare. Caught a movie, to be reviewed in a future post. Ran into elizardaa.

Then, big birthday dinner for the Fish. Over thirty people! People from foreign lands to the north! People I hadn't seen in, like, a jillion years. (One of which I found out lives as far away as... Catonsville. Huh.) Revealed to people that, yes, I am being sucked back into a larp. I promise not to go too crazy over it then. With that many people, of course, didn't get to spend a lot of time with anyone, but it was nice catching up anyways.

We took a slightly early exit, to head to our second event of the night - up to a party at safetypup. Got there late, but things were in full swing. My new lesson learned: if hitting a party the same day that I worked, drinking a Red Bull right when I get there is a good way to, you know, actually stay awake for a reasonable period of time. Got a few other drinks in me, had a great time with a lot of cool and attractive people. Big fun, good times.

Crashed over there, woke up early (to a kind donation of bagel by nalroth.) Picked up a new endtable that ammitnox was looking to get rid of. Picked up one bebe on the way home. Headed to Columbia, watched a certain movie with, once again, Pickett, Harmony, and their lovely daughters. More on *that* movie in a separate post, as well. Everyone had fun.

Whew. Busy like a bug, I tell you.

Tomorrow, book club. Wednesday: Lost. Every other free hour not spent working or bebe-watching or commuting this week: painting minis. Saturday: 40k MegaBattleORama!
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